Thursday, January 8, 2009

SuperCandid Games: Heavenly Harmony Gold totally PWNS Guitar Praise: Solid Rock

Remember Guitar Praise: Solid Rock ?  Well, fugedabout!

In the battle for Christian computer games inspired by hit video games like Rock Band & Guitar Hero , Heavenly Harmony Gold by Cloud9 Games is clearly ahead in terms of features!

Feature 1:
6 players simultaneously!  Not even Rock Band manages this!  4 singers at one time!  That''s 'Bear is driving car' crazy!

Feature 2:
Full compatibility with xbox 360 and Playstation 3 USB-based Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers! No need to have any extra fake guitars hanging around your house!

Feature 3:
Actual graphics of singers and a performance venue!  Click here for video!

Feature 4:
Only $49.95!  & That includes a USB microphone!  Plus free upgrades for owners of the original Heavenly Harmony!

The only real advantages that Guitar Praise: Solid Rock brings are a bigger song list(but see below), and an OS X version of the game.  The Guitar Praise: Solid Rock bundled controller is wireless, but Heavenly Harmony Gold can use the wireless Guitar Hero controllers from the xbox, since they use a usb dongle to get their wireless functions.

You can check out a partial songlist for Heavenly Harmony Gold here , and they promise that in addition to adding full instrument compatibility for tracks from previous releases(backwards compatibility!), they have an all new game coming out in 2009!  This is an exciting year for Christian video games!

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Tiredofsteam said...

great post jon! if it were mac friendly, i'd bite... oh wait, look at that song list. despite all the awesome additions, that song list is miserable. not a single winner posted...

Jordan said...

i've been wishing for a while that rock band would let me record and do post production stuff on the the tracks the band plays. I hope heavenly harmonies does well enough (even though it almost can't) to catch the attention of the bigger game makers. everyone likes cool features and free upgrades.

jonnyflash said...

If you're looking for a guitar game that lets you have total control, look no further than Frets on Fire, the open-source guitar-hero clone.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I would have to disagaree 10000000% with tired... The songs are INCREDIBLE! It has all the songs you hear on the radio, all the good ones anyway. I'm very impressed with the quality of the songs!! Way to go...