Monday, January 26, 2009

An interview with the filmmakers of "The Widow's Might"

 I'm working on our own interview with John Moore, director and star of The Widow's Might, but in the meantime you can enjoy an interview with Mr. Moore and his fellow filmmaker David Heustis conducted on Generations with Vision , a home-school oriented radio program.

The interview is interesting, and Moore talks at length about the Christian principles that helped them shape the story of The Widow's Might .  I'll highlight some interesting points he mentions to whet your appetite:

  • He founded his production company with David Heustis when he was 13 and Heustis was 14.
  • Their original budget estimate was $250,000, but he mentions that the film ended up coming in well under budget.  
  • Their money was primarily raised from local businesses based on the strength of the script.  
  • They are exploring different distribution options now.
  • The $101,000 prize from SAICFF went back to the investors.  

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