Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Year in Review -REDUX

We switched back to our old podcast host, the non-free but reliable Libsyn. So we're back up. Our Christmas episodes are missing at the moment, but they will gradually be added again. Expect updates when they go live.

This week we have our 2008 Year in review Spectacular! We cover our favorite movies from this past year's podcasts, our favorite movies overall, video games, comics, books. Even a touch on music.
But just a touch, or else Don would put us over the 3 hour mark.
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Adrian said...

Absolute Worst of the Older Films I Watched This Year
Pauly Shore is Dead-Great premise but horrendous execution; this could have been an incredibly funny film
Stranger in Paradise
Yes, I went there. I disparaged two art-house films, one of which is from one of the world's most renowned directors.

Absolute Best of the Older Films I Watched This Year
The Princess and the Warrior-Wow
Iraq in Fragments-A better title would be "Iraq in Vignettes"; a moving documentary of three stories in Iraq
After the Wedding-Great acting, plot twists like a soap opera that were believable and kept me hooked
Winter Light-A great Ingmar Bergman film
The Usual Suspects-Took me a while to get around to this one, but well worth the wait. And how why in the world does Brian Singer go from this to "Super Man Returns"? Yuck...
The Devil's Backbone-Older Guillermo Del Toro
Thin Red Line-Too long, but what else do you expect from Terrence Malick? Would love to see the director's cut...
Mad Men-Maybe one of the most incredible television seasons I have ever seen... ever...

2008 Films That I Still Need To Watch
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 days
The Counterfeiters
Slumdog Millionaire
Gran Torino
Rachel Getting Married

Worst of the 2008 Films
Hellboy II-Ugh!
Burn After Reading-What is with the Coen boys doing these stupid movies with atrocious endings? I know they didn't write this or "No Country For Old Men," but I feel there is a(n ugly) new pattern in the movies they are doing.
Mama Mia!-Worst film ever? Maybe. Horrible acting. Cheesy singing (how can you eff up ABBA?). The ending is stupid and expected. The worst choreography I've ever seen in my life. Proof that England has horrible taste in films

Best of the 2008 Films
WallE-What a beautiful story and film; I very much enjoyed the return to the notion that Earth's apocalypse will not be because of bombs in guns but rather our own greed
Cloverfield-One of the most enjoyable popcorn flicks of this year
In Bruges-Surprisingly deep, dark, and humorous story
Speed Racer-Visual eye candy and a fun story

2008 Films About Which I Am Still On The Fence
Hancock-OMG this movie was going great until the end
The Happening-A touching film in which 60 seconds display the overwhelming power of love...surrounded by 90 minutes of M. Night *purposely* doing a b-grade horror movie...stupid
Dark Knight-Too long. Great quotes ("You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain") surrounded by the stupidest speeches (dude, Commissioner Gordon's last speech was to his son... what 8-year-old will know what the hell the Comish means? Although I like the aspect of Batman as the Christ figure, i.e. becoming the sacrifice to forgive Harvey's sins, I did not like the way they did this). Awesome action sequences (a semi-truck flipping end over front) next to dumb humor (little kids pretending to shoot guns and then the cars actually explode). Next, an incredible force of nature, the joker, being the background behind the arc of a yawn-inducing plot: less of Harvey Dent and more Joker!!! That entire storyline was a little ill-conceived and boring as ever. The only reason I would really like this film is the philosophy behind the bad guys escalating as Batman does the same, and how the city is *hard* to save... in other Batman films, by the end the Penguin or Mr. Freeze were vanquished and the city was "safe" again, whereas this one shows the city always needs a hero. The other reason I would like this film is the Joker. Heath Ledger took Jack Nicholson's tired clown and blew that performance out of the water. Not just the acting, but the storyline was incredible: the Joker as modern-day Iago. Genius.