Friday, January 23, 2009

Fireproof in 60 Seconds!

fireproofbannerFireproof  has posted a 60 second version of the movie on their website.  It is, in many ways, awesome.  I'm even tempted to say that it highlights the best parts of the movie (Kirk Cameron, the action scenes), while leaving out the worst (the comic relief).  It is great.  I guess it will be on the DVD that's coming out soon, so maybe someone will rip it and post it online after that.

It should be the first video that plays on the site, but if not then it is the one on the far right of their videos on the front page.  You may have to enter an email to view it, but feel free to put in supercandid at gmail dot com if you don't want to subscribe.

I wish there was a way to embed this video here.  I truly do.  But I can't.  The fact that I can't is a huge missed publicity stunt on the producers part.  The best I can do is this banner.

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Tiredofsteam said...

wtf happened to the blog?! it's all... professional looking.