Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Episode Forty Two (42) - Come What May

Our latest episode is now available!

In celebration of today's Presidential Inauguration, we review the movie that was hyped to "change the election."

We're talking, of course, about Come What May , the first movie from Advent Film Group.  This is the movie we reported on last week when they signed a distribution deal with Sony, so look for it on store shelves soon.  

We bring our usual SuperCandid look at this film, and we're not afraid to hold it up to another independent Christian film that Sony picked up for distribution, one that later became a huge hit.  Tune in to find out which one!

----------------------SHOW NOTES---------------------------

Our music this week is "Sexx Laws" by Beck.

Come What May on IMDB

Advent Film Group Home Page

Future Advent Film Group Projects

Patrick Henry College Information

Article about an interview with Michael Farris , founder of Patrick Henry College and actor (as himself) in Come What May .  The original interview appeared on NPR's Fresh Air, and you can listen to the full interview here.

Come What May  Trailer:

"Come What May" from George Escobar on Vimeo.

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