Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jerry Jenkin's Riven to be a movie directed by

Jerry Jenkin's Riven  is set to be made into a movie by his son Dallas Jenkins in partnership with PureFlix, the makers of The Wager , Hidden Secret s and the forthcoming Holyman Undercover .  Dallas Jenkins previously directed Midnight Clear , which we might get around to reviewing one of these days.  He says in the article that Riven will be the second film produced by a partnership between Jenkins Entertainment and PureFlix, but no word on the first film. Riven is the story of a somewhat disillusioned pastor and a convicted killer.  The story touches on despair and redemption.  I believe the title refers to Christ's body being "pulled or torn asunder," and not, I'm assuming, a multidimensional puzzle contained within a series of books.
(original story on Title Trakk movies) You can watch the trailer for Midnight Clear  here:

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