Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Horror from Real Life made into Short Film 22 Weeks

A true-life Christian horror movie about abortion. 

You'll pardon me if I check my usual humor on this one. 

22 Weeks is a 25 minute short film that tells the true story of a woman who went in for an abortion and ended up holding her living baby in her arms as it died.

The movie is available now on DVD, for the price of $10 + shipping.  The trailer looks pretty creepy, but I think that this film will fall more into the heartbreaking and disturbing than truly scary.  If it sticks to the facts and avoids becoming too politically preachy, it should be a powerful testamony that no matter what you think about abortion, the current environment in the United States must not be allowed to continue.

I also tracked down the World Net Daily article from April 2005 that the movie is based upon.  It contains what I suppose you could call spoilers, as well as some disturbing imagery of the real baby.  

Trailer below:
(The Christian Post)

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1 comment:

Tamara said...

Holy crow. The article is heartbreaking. I have a special sadness for little Rowan since I am head over heels for three babies who survived being born at that size and time.
What a timely subject too. Thanks for posting. I hope the movie tells the story without getting too deep into politics.