Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Love Dare Part 26:How Much I suck

Take time to pray through your areas of wrongdoing.  Ask for God's forgiveness, then humble yourself enough to admit them to your spouse.  Do it sincerely and truthfully.  Ask your spouse for forgiveness as well.  No matter how they respond, make sure you cover your responsibility in love.  Even if they respond with criticism, accept it by receiving it as counsel.

This was actually the hardest of the dares so far, since I had to really think about what I could ask for forgiveness for or admit that I have't already done so.  I ended up kind of cheating by asking Nicole to help with this one, and she had a few things to say.  Most of them were things we had already talked about, but it was a good conversation to have.  This might be the most productive of all the love dares yet. 

I do feel that The Love Dare has already covered all my faults pretty well though.  Between my lust, all the things I got rid of, my general need for Jesus, and the the previous list of faults Nicole provided, I think I've got my faults pretty well covered by The Love Dare.  What could be left by today?

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