Tuesday, March 11, 2008

24 Hour Christian Filmmakers Contest

I guess I missed this last week, but I was busy and don't get paid for this, so give a guy a little slack.  Anyway, the ChristianFilmmakers.org wrapped up their 24 Hour Film contest.  And the winner is someone who's work will be familiar to readers and listeners of this blog/podcast.  

Nathan Webster, producer of The Heartwood Dagger, won for his short film The Lost Sock.  It's very well filmed, although I felt that it kind of dragged, even for a 3 minute film.  The concept is sound, and the little kid is quite good.  I was a bit confused with the payoff, as it wasn't made clear who the last character revealed is, but I'll leave that to you, dear reader.

My own entry, Solomon, was a super-quickie, recorded and edited in about 2 hours.  I kept having problems with the sound so it sounds like crap, and the Youtube encoding didn't work out that great so you'll see some artifacting at the beginning.  It came in the mid-40s or something, out of 70 odd entries, so not bad I guess.  I would have liked to have done more but that was a crazy day anyway.  One of the judges posted some very good criticism on the Youtube comments, so I'm grateful for that.  I might even revisit the idea someday, perhaps over the summer.

You can watch the winning video, and mine, below.  And all the rest are listed on Christianfilmmakers.org.  I'd like to watch all 70, but I just don't have time right now.  If you find any other gems, let me know.

The Lost Sock



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Ted said...

I don't think the last "character" is important at all. I see the film as a charming interpretation of the Lost Sheep parable in the Gospels. The "payoff" is that he continued to look until he found the one sock out of a hundred that was missing.