Monday, March 31, 2008

Alternative Christian Writers Workshop

On a more wordy subject today, I have a couple of story deconstruction of the Bible from the Alternative Christian Writer's Workshop.   I've never heard of it before either, but it seems like a cool idea, especially considering some of the work that apparently has come out of it.

The second, which I found more enjoyable and more related to scriptwriting, is an breakdown of God's command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.  This one is a bit older, over a year now, but it is liked to from the first post and presents this story in a new and fresh light.  It even caused me to re-consider some notions I had about this particular incident in the Bible.  This powerfully illustrates the value of an exercise for writers, and I would love to see this particular take on Abraham made into a film.  This one essay has more spiritual depth and insight than almost any film we've reviewed here.
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