Friday, March 28, 2008

Christian Pre-History?

Dancing from Genesis, a blog all about young earth Creationism, has a fun suggestion.  

I have many reservations about Young Earth Creationism, but I have to say that this sounds like a grand setting for an adventure.  Nienhuis himself suggest such great ideas a sunken "Cyclopean cities," "Bronze Age Kingdoms," and "Ice Age Civilizations."  How such a setting could be made into a "Christian" movie requires a bit more thought, since God didn't reveal himself to Abraham until sometime around 2000BC, well after the construction of the Pyramids and presumably after the continents had shifted and any "Ice Age" Cyclopiean cities had been swallowed by the flood.  Maybe a more general idea of God along the lines of Noah's experience, but it would be hard to have anyone actually worshiping God in anything that a Christian, or even a Jew, would recognize.  

Still, I think there is some fertile ground here.  How many antediluvian epics could you make about Nimrod, the unstoppable killer who is finally destroyed in an confrontation with the Angel of the Lord on the slopes of Mountain of the Lord? 

I'd pay to see that.  Nimrod and his Mammoth calvary vs. Angels with flaming swords.  Conan has nothing on that.

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