Monday, March 17, 2008

Episode Twenty Five - The Visitation

Mysterious happenings.  Mysterious strangers.  Mysterious church revival meetings.  Mysterious veterinarians.  

The Visitation abounds with mysteries and mysterious happenings in general.  From the Director of Thr3e, but don't hold that against him, Robbie Henson brings you Martin Donovan(Saved), Edward Furlong(T2, Warriors of Terra) and Randy Travis(The Wager, CMT).  This supernatural thriller is from a book by Frank Peretti.  Hmm... Peretti wrote The Hangman's Curse.  Henson directed Thr3e.  Will this combination buck the trend?  Tune in and find out in the always surprising SuperCandid PODCAST!

Sorry we're a couple days late, but as we mention on the show we had some technical difficultites.  


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