Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Come What May streaming free until Oct. 29

Come What May , the movie produced by Advent Film Group about a Patrick Henry College law school competition, is being presented for free, for a limited time, on GodTube.  

For a long time the producers of this movie have been promoting it as timely in this Presidential election season, but I had questioned this in the past as it was not scheduled to be widely available until long after Nov. 4.  

That is all fixed now, and it seems that this is a great way for them to get the word out about their movie.  I've already purchased a special "preview edition" DVD, so we should be reviewing it ourselves in the near future.  Until then, check it out for free from now until Oct. 29th.  What's the worst that can happen with a free movie?

Thanks to awakenpictures for the tip, which beat out the official Advent Film Group Mailing list by over 3 days.  

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Awakenpictures said...
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Awakenpictures said...

This is a great independent Christian film that I believe from a filmmaking standpoint told a "good story well". They set up a lot of good conflict which was realistic and honored God, relationships, and so many other good points about doing the right thing. I highly recommend this film that had my family wondering what would happen next until the final resolution.

Awakenpictures said...

Christian cinema reports that Sony is distributing Come what May. Congratulations to George Escobar and his team for getting distribution with a major studio.