Friday, October 10, 2008

House has a trailer!

There is finally a trailer out for House, the Frank Peretti/Ted Dekkar movie that has been delayed for over a year.  Apparently the filmmakers aren't happy with their R-rating , which means that a lot of youth groups and Christian Colleges not only won't see the movie, they'll condemn it was Satanic.  

Just kidding.

Not really.   I used to go to one of those youth groups.  But, I would guess that they will make an exception for this, just as everyone did for The Passion.  

As far as the trailer goes, I think it looks pretty good.  It defiantly has that Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe, with a bit of the "I'll force you to kill strangers" thing that has made Saw so popular.  It does seem to have some big effects moments, so we'll see if that was the reason for the delay.

Enjoy the trailer(oh, and for a bonus, compare it in scariness to the ad for The Happening that is currently playing in front of it):

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