Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fireproof drops from #8 to #10

Fireproof dropped from #8 last weekend to #11 this weekend, dropping from $4,680 per theater to $3,640 per theater.   Fireproof is still successful, making $3.1 million this past weekend, taking it to a total gross of $16.9 million so far.  Still quite good for a $500,000 budgeted film. Interestingly, Fireproof still beat Religulous, the Bill Maher anti-religion screed, but Religulous took in more money per theater for the second week in a row. It remains to be seen if Fireproof has the long lasting success of Facing the Giants, or if it made most of its money in the opening weeks. Edit: in the time between I wrote this and published it, boxofficemojo updated their figures to put fireproof back in the top 10 at #10. Subscribe to the SuperCandid Podcast, the number 1 podcast for Christian movies SuperCandid - The SuperCandid Podcast - The SuperCandid Podcast Subscribe to the SuperCandid Blog Save This Page Add to Technorati Favorites

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