Monday, October 27, 2008

A Hell House Classic

Remember when we reviewed Hell House, way back in Episode 14 last August?  Well Hijinks Ensue, a web-comic drawn by a friend of don's, did a bit on Hell Houses in general today.  Hit the link to check it out, and be sure to revisit our own review if you are considering watching Hell House yourself this Halloween.

(Hijinks Ensue) 
(SuperCandid Hell House Review )
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1 comment:

Awakenpictures said...

Boy it seems that this guy on his blog and webcomic seems to be bitter about his experience with the hellhouse.

I'm sure you all must have seen this debate about using fear to reach people with the message of the Gospel. Some Christians don't think fear should be used at all and some argue that Christians shouldn't make horror films at all.

I believe there's a balance to it. Healthy fear will keep a kid from running into traffic. Healthy fear of eternal judgment is good for both believers and unbelievers because both prompt action -- one toward the cross the other toward saving people.