Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Impostor may be an Impostor of itself, and prayers for Kevin Max

Some big, wild & crazy news about Kevin Max, star of Imposter, the forthcoming Christian movie.  Lots of info on his myspace blog recently.  

First, and most importantly, Max was in a car accident on 27 October.  Good news is that he is ok, he says just minor bumps & bruises.  Hopefully nothing more serious than he is letting on.  

Second, he has some thoughts on his starring role in The Impostor.  Apparently, he was not entierely pleased with how it turned out.  I hope that the movie is good, but I am fearful from reading this that it was hamstrung in an attempt to avoid alienating the so-called "Christian audience."  We noted in our review of Hidden Secrets  that it suffered from attempts to conform to the conventions of "Christian films," so I hope this one avoids that.  Time will tell.

Finally, I just wanted to note that Max is a fan of The Road & The Wrestler , two things that I am also really excited about.  The Road is the Cormac McCarthy post-apoclayptic novel, which I found to be greatly interesting and moving.  It is being made into a movie by director John Hilicoat, who made the wonderful and apocalyptic-toned Australian western The Proposition.  Nick Cave, one of my favorite musicians, wrote The Proposition and is returning to work with Hilicoat on the music for The Road.  The Wrestler is another movie, this time a new feature by Darren Aronofsky, the director of the brilliant Requiem for  Dream The Fountain.  If those two movies aren't enough to recommend his next film for you, then you should not call yourself a movie fan.

Anyway, The Imposter hits DVD on January 4th , and if you pre-order you can get it by New Year's Eve.  I guess we'll know then what Max was unhappy with.

(Story found through Pinoy Christian Music)
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