Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Christianity Today's Top 10 Redeeming Movies of 2007

As we continue our weeklong feature on the top movies of 2007, we now have something more in line with the stated function of the blog and podcast.  

Christianity Today's critics have already picked their top 10 movies of 2007, but some of those are movies that they picked because they are artistically great.  Many of them are challenging for people of faith, depicting great evil and great trials for the few righteous characters.  
These movies, on the other hand, one and all are films that lift up the soul and expose the beauty and sublimity of the human experience.  Movies that celebrate God's love and redemption, even they don't always spell it out in those words.  I've seen only 4 of these films, so I can't tell you without a doubt that the other's are among my favorites, but I do think that these particular critics have a great insight and I would trust their recommendation.  All of these films are films that a Christian can watch without any worry about their soul being troubled or being exposed to anything offensive.  The only films on the list that might raise a flag for families are The Diving Bell and the Butterfly(brief nudity) and The Kite Runner(a non-graphic depiction of rape).
Christianity Today's Top 10 Redeeming Movies of 2007:
1.  Into Great Silence
2.  Lars the the Real Girl
3.  Juno
4.  Amazing Grace(listen to our review!)
5.  Bella
6.  Into the Wild
7.  The Kite Runner
8.  The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
9.  Ratatouille
10.  Freedom Writers
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AceFire said...

The only problem I have, is that many believers do not know why they are even believers in the first place? Secondly why do we want to make films and for who? We need to stop deceiving ourselves all together and let's face it. We enjoy watching a lot of these Hollywood movies and for a reason. When we become honest with ourselves we will begin to do what we need to do as believers in the film industry. We will move from trying to convince people to become a Christian to where become the reason for people to know the Lord. Many of us get our ideals and values from the heathen world and then we use the Scriptures to support it because we do not really believe how authentic and relevant the Scriptures is to really change our thoughts and actions to a place that we are the ones the heathen world learns from and not us from them because of Who we follow and not who we think we are. Many Christians watch Hollywood movies and TV for many reasons but mainly for escape and intellectual reasons and we are really honest to ourselves Christians do not want to watch another sermon they want to watch a movie that entertains them but only positively or at least inspire them. Once the Lord challenged me on this it changed the way I saw movie making as a believer. I began to see that if my movie could not be enjoyed by me and an unsaved person then I had not dug deep enough for them to appreciate how beautiful God is in my life. Since then I began to understand the difference between 'Christian Film' and making films that honour God.