Thursday, February 21, 2008

Measure of a Man

The independant Christian film world is really just taking off left and right! Just today I heard about a cool project being produced by Dallas Christian Filmmakers. It is titled Measure of a Man and is a doucmentary about a man who was born with no limbs who preaches the gospel. It sounds like a very cool and inspiring documentary project, and I hope that they do well with it. Stephanie Carrillo, the director of the film, writes about it on her blog, which is where I heard of it.

On a related note, the Dallas Christian Filmmakers, an association of film-minded Christians banding together to produce films, is a great idea. They have a DVD available of a short film entitled The Call of Courage on their website. It looks like it could be entertaining; a Civil War drama featuring some good looking Civil War re-enactors participating. It is a bit pricey for the length($12 for 20 some odd minutes), but I might take the plunge and buy it anyway. If we're going to review bad, low budget movies, I'd rather put my money towards those that are produced by people who love to make films and have something they want to say than send another $15 to Hollywood for some insulting attempt at getting Christians money.

(Downpour Productions)

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