Thursday, February 28, 2008

Christians and Pop Culture responds of challenge

First a quick podcast update: due to other commitments, the podcast this week won't be recorded until sometime on Saturday, so look for it to be posted sometime on Sunday, by Monday morning at the latest.

Christ and Pop Culture has been doing a series this week responding to a challenge from a editor who called them out on criticising Movieguide's awful list of best "faith and values" movies of 2007.

So far, they had an article about the question of Christians listening to secular film critics, the true meaning of Philippians 4:8 in regards to art, and, most recently, what makes a film "good." All of these are brief, interesting reads, even if they do bring up some points I disagree with(I didn't find any problems in Transformers that related to my Christian faith).

Since we won't have a podcast tomorrow I'll try to write up an original article of our own attacking and pointing out their hypocrisy. I suppose what makes me the most upset about Movieguide's list is that it only lists a single explicitly Christian film(Amazing Grace) on their top ten list, and ignores the entire rest of the Christian film industry in favor of picking Hollywood films, thereby engaging in exactly the kind of secular focus that they attack Hollywood for having. More tomorrow.

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awakenpictures said...

Thanks for the links to these three blogs. I have read one post by them and found it a good read.