Sunday, February 3, 2008

Noah's Ark: The New Beginning

Remeber that awful looking(literally) CGI movie of Th Ten Commandments that came out a few months back? We wrote about it here on the site, and maybe we'll review it now that it's out on DVD, or will be as of Tuesday.

Well, as we talked about on the last show, Promenade Pictures, the producers of the film, are sticking to their commitment to do their 12-part "Epic Stories of the Bible" series and are well underway on their next feature, Noah's Ark: A New Beginning.

Anyway, I though I'd kick off the week with a bit about the movie, even though I mentiond some of this on the show.

The interesting news is that this film has an even better cast than The Ten Commandments, albiet a strange one. Elliot Gould and Ben Kingsley return as God and the Narrator, respectively, but Michael Keaton plays Noah, and Jason Mewes and Jason Lee play Noah's sons Ham and Japeth. Patrick Muldoon rounds out Noah's sons as Shem. Also rounding out the cast are Rob Schneider, Marcia Gay Harden, Nicollette Sheridan and Eliza Dushku.

So, 3 of the stars of Jay and Silent Bob Strike back are starring in a kids Bible movie? With Rob Schneider? It seems that this one might have a lot more humor than the last one, and it does seem rather appropos that Jason Mewes play the pervert Ham.

Hopefully, the writers cribbed liberally from Jonathan Goldstein's epically funny take on Noah.

Writing that good could redeem almost any bad CGI.

(Christian News Wire & IMDB)

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1 comment:

AceFire said...

I guess maybe the first one was a test run to see how it will do and then see how they can improve it. I hope this one does better based on the lessons they may have learnt from the first movie. I am happy they haven't given up.