Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So... Jon asked me to make a post about'John-A-Thon', some sort of email spamming dealy to spread God's word. But I can't make heads or tails of it, or what the point is.

Here's the press release:
The following is from the JOHN eNewsletter:

A Word from Bruce Marchiano

We give praise to Jesus as we move into a new year - glory to his name!

If I may begin by praying a blessing over you and yours … May every moment of this new year be filled with God’s favor, leadership, protection. May he be that constant voice over your shoulder whispering, “This is the way you should go.” May his faithfulness be so evident that it takes you to your knees in awe. May his grace and mercies be beyond abundant, supplying your every need, carrying you through every storm. May his righteousness shine like the dawn in you and through you - and may this year be a year of worshipping … him. Glory to the name of Jesus!

I am excited to begin the year with JOHN-a-thon. The name was coined and the concept introduced by two of our most faithful supporters, T.J & Wanda Harmon. They wanted to “blitz” their family and friends with emails requesting their support of John, and asking them to send the request on to everyone they knew. It thrills me because this is exactly what I felt was God’s plan - everyday believers stepping out in their own creative ways for the purpose of bringing Jesus to the screen.

The idea was so “of God” we decided to open it up to everyone, and so it is my great pleasure to announce our first John-a-thon, and invite you with all my heart to join us for this event. Already folks are signing up to join T.J. and Wanda. And it’s such a simple thing - compose a simple email expressing your own heart to see John come to the screen, humbly asking people to join you in giving, and to send on your email to their friends and families so that excitement about John will spread far and wide across the body of Christ. In this way and step by step, John comes closer to fulfillment - unto the salvation of precious souls. Glory to Jesus!

So I humbly ask you to consider taking part in John-a-thon. If even those of us who receive this newsletter each take the time and join together so many people will be reached! Details follow below. We are on our way! Thank you! Glory to the name of Jesus!

Bruce M


Ok... so, essentially, for the next 24 hours, you can donate money to make a film about John. If you're interested, you can donate here. Also, Jon has offered to donate 100% of our profits for the show, beyond expenses. So when the cash windfall comes in the next 24 hours, he's there for you.

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