Thursday, February 7, 2008

Karen Kingsbury's Gideon's Gift & Like Dandelion Dust

There is a new interview with Karen Kingsbury up, and while she doesn't talk much about the forthcoming movies based on her books, she does talk about her new novel.

There are two Kingsbury movies coming out soon, Like Dandelion Dust with Mira Sorvino and Gideon's Gift with Christian Slater.

Kingsbury sound like an interesting person, based on the interview, and I hope that translates into interesting movies, assuming that her books are also interesting.

She defiantly seems more interesting than author Nikki Arana, who's Windos of Sonoma is also being made into a movie. I think I mentioned Arana on the podcast a while back, she's the author who said she simply looks at books and magazines that are published and tries to write like that since it's what is selling.

(The Columbian)

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Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I'm probably not as interesting as Karen Kingsbury. (deep sigh)

Nikki Arana

Tiredofsteam said...

Google Alerts... the gossipy little sister of the internets.