Saturday, September 20, 2008

Congrats to Pray 2 on their Premiere!

We'd like to extend a special SuperCandid congratulations to friend of the show Matt Mitchell, writer and director of Pray.  Although we shared our candid opinons on his first film. Mr. Mitchell was kind enough to write in with his own generous words about the show.  We're hoping to be able to put together an interview with Matt soon, and we're looking forward to reviewing Pray 2: The Woods really soon! 

That's actually why I'm writing this, to congratulate Matt on the premiere of his sequel at the Carmike Cinemas in Morrisville, North Carolina.  Matt offered us tickets to the premiere, but unfortunately we are unable to travel to North Carolina.  Sorry to miss it, and good luck with the sequel!  We're looking forward to reviewing it.

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