Thursday, September 4, 2008

What May Come (Come What May)

You might recall that the last time we mentioned the Christian-college set anti-abortion courtroom drama, Come What May, it as listed as a Spring 2008 release.

Well, the filmmaker some guy is saying the film could influence the Presidential elections in November.  

Earned Media is running a story from Christian Newswire that features this quote:

"That's why this independent film made in Purcellville, Virginia (far from Hollywood) could be used to positively affect the elections for pro-life candidates." adds Welty. "There is nothing from the pro-choice side that is remotely as persuasive."

This Welty person is mentioned elsewhere in the article as Dean Welty, Director of the Valley Family Forum, and I don't know if he has anything to do with the movie or not.  He seems like a Christian culture activist, along the lines of James Dobson or Doug Phillips.  

All I do know is that the film's official site has nothing about a release date, although the soundtrack is supposedly going to be available in "Early September."  Hard to know how a film that is nearly impossible to see will impact elections, but maybe it will hit on DVD by then.  

Come on Advent Media Group!   We want a DVD release!

(Earned Media)

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1 comment:

Awakenpictures said...

Looks like you can now watch the film for free right before the election - of course go out and support the film by purchasing the DVD - which I believe you can at their website.

Here's the link