Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fireproof this KISS

I have a hard time wading through Fireproof  news these days.

The movie, which opens today, has deluged all forms of media with publicity, which I guess is a good mark for a Christian movie.  It was so big that Kirk Cameron even made TMZ last night.  

There are about two stories I could find to celebrate the release of this movie that we hadn't talked about or weren't just re-hashing old news.  

The first is the interesting bit that Kirk Cameron refuses to kiss any woman but his wife, even when acting .  So the filmmakers of Fireproof had to have his actual wife stand in for the actress, and the scene was filmed in silhouette.  I guess that is understandable, but I think that if you make this kind of commitment you really need to re-think playing roles that involve kissing.  Maybe that's why Cameron hasn't done much acting recently; he's got the face for a romantic lead, but he refuses to kiss, hence a problem.

The second story is that the book from Fireproof , "The Love Dare," has been made into a real book .  I'm actually surprised that this took so long to be announced, as it seemed like a natural marketing tie-in.  You can read the first chapter online , and it looks like a basic marriage counseling kit.  The first chapter says stuff anyone could tell you about having a good relationship; ie. be patient and don't fly off the handle every time your partner does something you don't like.  Easy stuff, but sometimes having a book to remind you helps you put it into practice.  Best of all, its cheap, only $9.99.

So go see Fireproof!  Don & I can't make it this weekend so we're going to shoot for next weekend and a review about a week later.  Enjoy!

(The Love Dare Book)
(Kirk Cameron on Today , via Scandalist )

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