Monday, September 29, 2008

Fireproof starts a fire in the box office!

WOW!  Fireproof  blew up this weekend!

Fireproof  grossed a total of $6,514,000 over the weekend!  That's 13 times its budget!  One weekend and it's twice as big a profit, percentage wise, as Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith!

Even more amazing, it averaged $7,764 per screen, which puts it in the neighborhood of Evan Almighty, which had a budget over 10,000% higher!  

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed , which was made a huge splash as the 12th highest grossing documentary of all time, averaged only a little more than $2,000 on its best weekend.  

Congrats to Sherwood Pictures, the Kendrick Bros. and whoever is making all the money off this film (probably MGM, the parent company of distributor Samuel Goldwyn).  Hopefully we'll see it next week!

(Box Office Mojo) 

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Acefire said...

Hi Guys. I was just listening to your podcast on the movie called 'Road To Redemption' and you were talking a lot about the videogame called 'Guitar Praise' and then you mentioned AceFire - me. I have just been very busy working on a TV project. But i still check you guys out from time to time.