Friday, September 19, 2008

Shadowmancer Film Adaptation (UPDATED WITH BIG NEWS!)

Shadowmancer, G.P. Taylor's novel that is often called the "Christian Harry Potter," is slowly being made into a film.  I haven't read the novel yet, but I've heard high praise from the usual Christian suspects, and it was apparently popular enough to spend 15 weeks on the bestseller list in England.

Not many details on the film, but the Telegraph does have a short piece about the Taylor's perceived shunning by the BBC, which he (Taylor) attributes to his being a Christian.

As far as film details go, nothing new here, just a one line mention.  However, given the rate at which novels/comics are being made into films these days, I wouldn't expect it to take that long before we start hearing more concrete information.

NEWSFLASH:  As you might note in the comments, G.P. Taylor has kindly left us a comment about the status of the film adaptation.  He tells us that David Kirkpatrick, former head of Disney & Touchstone Studios, and Martha Cotton, who seems to be best known for producing NBC Nightly News in the mid to late 80s, are producing the film adaption of Shadowmancer through their new Boston-based studio, Plymouth Rock Studios.  Hopefully we'll hear more soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi - yes you're right - there is now a new production company and studio. The guys in charge are Martha Cotton and David Kirkpatrick of the Plymouth Rock Studios in Boaston. All systems are go - things have been kept quiet until all the bases were loaded.

GP Taylor

Anonymous said...

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