Monday, September 22, 2008

The Plot for Flood 2: Ike's Revenge?

Everyone remembers Flood, the documentary about a the efforts of a Church community to save their building from Hurricane Floyd.  Well, with the recent Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico & Flordia that movie has been on my mind a lot.  One story in particular reminded me of that film.  I hope that someone got some video of this, or else maybe friend of the show Tom Swift (director of Flood) could make it into a fictionalized story.  It is just crying out for a movie!

Community members take refuge in a Bolivar Island Church, where they have to survive not only the wrath of Hurricane Ike, but also the danger of a stranded lion.  Essentially, a man was trying to evacuate his lion from the local zoo, and he was caught in the storm.  Desperate for shelter, he found the Church, built on high ground.  Fortunately the other refugees were welcoming to him and his deadly pet, and they rode out the storm with the lion.  Reports indicate that the lion was quite calm, and was content to eat pork roast instead of its fellow survivors.  The capper on the story is the National Guard soldiers who delivered supplies after the storm; upon spotting the lion they leapt out the door.  

Read the full story on The Weather Channel's website.  

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Awakenpictures said...
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Awakenpictures said...

Had to delete my comment - I was hoping I could edit it when I had some bad grammar... :( but instead all I could do was delete it. So I'm posting the same thing... with some better grammar :)

Anyway... It's amazing that nobody got hurt. Thanks for posting this.

By the way, If you know of any churches or ministries that can benefit from our film over there, please let us know. We can provide a free link online for those who can't afford it.

Tom Swift
Awaken Pictures, Inc.