Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Christian Cinema interview with Fireproof filmmakers

Christian Cinema has an interview with Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick, the two stars and one of the filmmakers behind the follow-up to the hit film Facing the Giants, Fireproof.

The interview is interesting, but it still leaves me with a nagging concern. The women characters in the previous Sherwood Pictures movies have always been the film's weak links, with poor acting and poor character development. This new film is the first one to feature a "name" actor like Kirk Cameron as the star, but the female lead is another unknown actress from the church. I hope that she is good, and that her character is well written, since that is my main concern for this film.

One interseting thing about the interview is that Cameron mentions training with his sister's(Candice Cameron Brue) husband to bulk up for the film. Apparently Mr. Brue is a former Russian Hockey player, which gives me all sorts of strange imagery when paired with the girl from Full House.

How odd is it that the only thing that could get me excited about a Kirk Cameron movie is the fact that it is an Alex Kendrick movie? Cameron, in his entire previous career, has convinced me that he has poor taste in movies. Will this one change my mind? It can't be any worse than his previous 3 acting roles, Left Behind: World at War, Growing Pains: The Returns of the Severs, and Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force. Fireproof needs to add a colon to the title to fit the trend.

(Original stories from Christian Cinema and Baptist Press)

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