Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Me & You, Us, Forever

A Christian movie is sneaking up on us fast!

Coming to Theatres nationwide on February 15, Me & You, Us, Forever.  

The plot of the movie is described on the poster, with one twist that is not mentioned in the marketing but is all over the publicity.  The guy just got divorced, and that is the event that makes him seek out his high school girlfriend.  

The Christian Post and Christian Newswire both have stories about the film reaching out to divorced Christians.  A serious problem in churches, one that the upcoming Fireproof is also dealing with.  

On the official website you can watch the trailer, and it looks like nothing special.  It seems quite sentimental and sappy, but the story of looking up old sweathearts has a lot of potential.  

Hey, maybe this will be a Christian version of High Fidelity!  That would be awesome!  

I hope that this movie takes the issues seriously without dipping to far into pandering to Christian audiences.  The premise has a lot of potential, a sort of tear-jerker with a angle at the men in the audience.  

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