Monday, January 7, 2008

Jerry B. Jenkin's Riven Book News: Jerry Jenkins' next novel Riven story details. In an interview with him and his son, Dallas Jenkins, Jenkins the elder drops some details about his next book. Entitled Riven, it will be the story of a man who wants his execution to be a recreation of the crucifixion of Christ. Not sure how the mechanics of this will work out, given that the US has pretty strict laws about what can and can't be done in executions, but it sounds interesting, an unusual story at least. Given that most of Jenkin's popular books have been, or are being, made into movies, this one sounds like a likely candidate. Maybe Mel Gibson can direct? The interview also talks a bit about Midnight Clear, the film we reported on a few days ago. Save This Page Add to Technorati Favorites


Tiredofsteam said...

so... they're taking a biblical theme, that no longer exists AT ALL in modern culture, and making it happen in a modern society... kind of like building an ark in the middle of the suburbs... should be good!

and by good i mean awful. at least it'll only be a $50,000 waste instead of a $250 million dollar waste.

AceFire said...

Yes Evan Almighty was a waste, but it needs to be made very clear that trying to appeal to a group of people you only just discovered existed after the Passion of the Christ is the same as only recognising a person only after they have been made popular yet you have no relationship with them you are just appealing to them because it is the popular thing to do. Let's see and read what the author has to say before we crucify him verbally.