Thursday, January 24, 2008

Summer Grove Baptist Church $60 Million film deal

Seems that Sherwood Baptist Church, the home of the Kendrick Bros. and Sherwood Pictures, doesn't have the monopoly on movie producing Churches anymore.

Summer Grove Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA(hey! I was there just a few months back!) is considering selling some of their property to a film studio that would partner with the church and produce family films with a Christian message.

It seems that the Church bought an entire shopping mall a few years back, and after turning J.C. Penny's into a worship building they have been leasing out other parts of the mall. According to KTBS,
the church "is considering a proposal by the Louisiana Film Institute and Fountain Bridge Studios to buy part of the mall. It's talking about paying the church approximately $2 million a year over 30 years."

$60 million is a substantial chunk of change. I'm sure this is all part of the state of Louisiana's film incentives, which are said to be rivaling my home state of New Mexico's. We recently had a $200 millon+ film studio built here, and Gerad Butler as just in town filming some awful sounding movie.

Anyway, this isn't nearly as home grown as the Kendrick boys and Sherwood, but it is another church getting into the film game, big time.

The church votes on this on Sunday, so we'll see if it goes through.

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Anonymous said...

Just a follow up, the church voted to sell to the studio and they have been producing movies steadily since. One of the first stared none other than Ice Cube. I haven't been back to the church to see how the financial bonus has been reflected, yet.