Monday, January 28, 2008

I Am

Writer-Director Matt Russel, who has worked on visual effects for Live Free or Die Hard, Night at the Museum, Charlotte's Web, Final Destination 3, Zathura and Blade Trinity, is finishing work on a Christian film entitled I am.

Russel describes the film as similar to Crash, about a successful businessman who decides to run for governor and then finds his life taking a turn for the worse.

Russell and Producer Jess Stainbrook screened some clips of the film at this years Sundance Film Festival, and they say that they hope that their film will appeal to non-Christians as well as Christians.

This could be a good film, but it actually sounds a lot like The Ultimate Gift to me. Rich guy goes through hard times, find Jesus. Wash, rinse, repeat.

(original story from, linked to by Christian Manifesto)
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1 comment:

AceFire said...

Ahh your final verdict is a bit harsh:-). Give the brother a shot, he seems quite experienced and hopefully we will see some really good visual work as well as a good story. My only thing is that the people who make Christians movies do not make stories Christians are already too familiar with that they lose interest with the film even starts simply because they have the story from the bible so much so that they will not see the essence of the message in the movie. Christian film-makers should try to make films that will interest Christians and engage in a way that will just refresh their lives again or least make them see life in a new light.