Monday, January 21, 2008


Another week started, another new Christian movie on the horizon!

Misconceptions, directed by Ron Satlof(Academy Award nominated for 1972's short film Frog Story, and a director of a ton of Perry Mason related stuff, as well as the only good episode of Galactica 1980), is the story of a evangelical Christian who becomes the surrogate mother to a gay couple. Apparently the mother, from Atlanta, gets a directive from God to become the surrogate mother for the gay couple from Boston.

Sounds ok. But throw in Orlando Jones, most likely cast as the flamboyant gay man, and I'm in for comedy gold!

Ok, I'm not really sure if this is even what we here at SuperCandid consider a Christian movie, but any movie news involing Orlando Jones is news worthy, IMO.

(Tampa Tribune)

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1 comment:

Tiredofsteam said...

i concur.

any news involving Orlando Jones is worthy of admission to the front page of

I wish david letterman would make a christian movie. we should lobby to get that done.

chris elliot would probably do it.