Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jerry B. Jenkin's Midnight Clear has an interview with Dallas Jenkins, the director of the 2006 film Midnight Clear, which has recently come out on DVD. The film is based upon a short story by Dallas Jenkins' father, Jerry B. Jenkins, better known for his work as the co-author of many books, including the Left Behind series. This sounds like a good one for us to review, since the interviewer gives what might be the highest praise that a Christian filmmaker can get:

If I watched your film and had no idea you were a Christian, I would never guess or assume it was a Christian movie. I think that's a sign that you've done your job."

Now, I say that is high praise, but it also could be criticism. I would say that had I not known that Michael Landon Jr. was a Christian, I would have guessed that The Last Sin Eater was made by someone who learned about Christianity by reading the back of a Bible-box.

EDIT: I forgot to post the image. D'oh!
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AceFire said...

I would like to see this movie because they decided to make the short into a feature so it must have some credibility for the film-makers to do it.