Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The New Year brings New Posts

Welcome back to the (3rd) re-launch of the SuperCandid Podcast. This may seem like we are lazy or something, but keep in mind that both of us have full time jobs and families, and that we lose money on this little venture month after month. A labor of love it is! So, if you have any complaints, feel free to comment or email, and we will happily engage! Complaints are the most interesting form of correspondence!

The plan is to record a new episode of the podcast this Friday and have it up by the weekend, so we'll see. Anyway, lets get straight to the meat of this post!

Pure Flix, the company that released Christmas Memroies, The Cross and the Towe
Linkrs and Jesus: The Lost Years, has a new flick coming out soon. If you're lucky, a church near you might have chosen to screen it, because otherwise you're going to have to wait until Spring 2008 to get it on DVD.

Titled, The Wager, it stars Randy Travis and Candice Cameron Brue(of Full House fame). Travis is a Hollywood superstar who must endure a Job-like test of faith as everything he holds dear is taken away because of his Christian beliefs. Will he endure? I'm hoping to review this movie soon, but Christanity Today has beaten us to the punch and posted their review a little while back, which gives it high marks for effort but low overall. I think that one thing Don & I have learned from watching Christian movies is to put our expectations on the level. We're not expecting Hollywood blockbusters, and no one should. I hope that CT Movies is wrong on this one and the film turns out to be great.

Also, I would be remiss to leave out that Guillermo Del Toro's second favorite guy in a suit, Doug Jones(Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Hellboy 2) has a role, in which the only suit he wears is that of a reporter.
The other Pure Flix movie that is coming out in Spring 2008 is even more interesting. Called Hidden Secrets, it is a family drama about the revelations that come out during a funeral. Kind of like Elizabethtown, or any of a million other "funeral/wedding brings out dark secrets and quirky characters" movies. But, the trailer specifically mentions stem cell research, so I'm hoping for an interesting take on that sort of hot button issue. This one is also is slated for a Spring 2008 release.

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1 comment:

Tiredofsteam said...

The Wager STILL isn't out? It was supposed to hit theaters last fall. The trailer wasn't bad, but it's been a while since I watched it.

We still need to watch the OTHER Randy Travis Christian film... The Visitation. Sci-Fi and explosions... adding to NetFlix now...