Friday, March 27, 2009

Blue Like Jazz back on track!

HUGE NEWS!  The movie version of Blue Like Jazz,  which was put on hold indefinitely a while back, is back on in a big way.  Miller reports on his blog that Steve Taylor will start filming in may, and that tentative casting has begun .  Apparently Miller has been in touch with an actor who is playing "Don" in the movie, which, essentially, is someone playing Don Miller .  Take a look at that mug and let us know which actor you'd like to see in the role.  Me?  Seth Rogen, but that'll never happen.  Comment or email us your picks!

Miller also posted a "review" of the script on his blog, which, unfortunately, has nothing at all about the script and could be just an overview of the book.  Hopefully we'll hear more soon.

(Donald Miller Blog)

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