Friday, March 20, 2009

The Oath of the Desormeau for free this weekend!

Richard Ramsey dropped me a line to let everyone know that The Oath of the Desormeau  is available to watch for free this weekend as a promotional stunt! You might remember that we reviewed this a while back , and now you can check it out yourself for free. If you miss this weekends window, or you want to watch it at your own convenience, then you can buy it on DVD or download it from Behemoth .

On a side note, I'm looking forward to seeing more about Ramsey's "Wurmbrand" project .  I've been avoiding posting about it because he's been coy with the details, but I gather it is a dramatized version of the life of Richard Wurmbrand , founder of Voice of the Martyrs  .

Apparently I'm not the first person to notice that if you replace the "u" with a "y" you get an awesome dragon name:  Wyrmbrand .

The Oath of Desormeau from Aletheia Stage & Film on Vimeo.

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