Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Christian Film Trailers and Possible Theatrical release of The Widow's Might

 Awaken Pictures reminds us that we haven't linked to Christian Film Trailers yet.  Which is true.  The site has a lot of potential, but I wish him(sometime commentator Kyle Prohaska) luck finding new trailers on a regular basis.  As booming as the Christian film market is, I can tell you finding news is not always easy.  It is a great compendium though, and hopefully it will keep growing.

I also wanted to pass along a tip from Awaken Pictures that The Widow's Might will be having a limited theatrical release.   According to this forum thread (I know, that sounds really reliable, but nevertheless...), it will be released for one week in 90 Carmike Cinemas.  Too bad there are none nearby, or I could encourage people to see this excellent movie.  Speaking of which, Christian Film Trailers has a link to the new trailer for The Widow's Might.  It doesn't give you quite as good a feeling of the film as the opening minutes do, but it's ok for a trailer.  I would have included some singing fellas, and one of the big jokes in the film is spoiled in the trailer. 

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John-Clay said...

Well I have to admit that its hard to do a lot in 60 sec for a trailer. :)

jonnyflash said...

Ah, but in 3 minutes, you can have a cinematic masterpiece.

John-Clay said...

Very true! John has asked me to work on a longer trailer for him too. the 60sec trailer was a quicky he wanted done in a hurry :)