Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I dare you to Love

I'm going to be up late tonight doing some work, so I'll be updating blog posts every time I feel burned out and need a break. Which means, lots of posts over the next few days. I'm going to try to clear out the back-log of written but unposted stories I have so that I can get more up-to-date stuff next week. Oh, and if anyone didn't know, the reason the posts dropped off so preciptiously was/is because my computer was stolen. I'm using a borrowed one for now, until my insurance comes through and I can replace it. Speaking of, in a totally almost legitimate news item, The Love Dare is available for the Kindle. If you don't know, the Kindle is just about the bee's knees, or, as Jeff Bezos says, the greatest literary invention since the printing press. Really. The Kindle and Gutenberg. Like peas in a pod. I'll buy it. I love my Kindle, even if I don't read it very often. A lot of that is due to the fact that I already have a HUGE shelf of books I haven't read. You know, old fashioned, dead trees and such. So a little device with infinitely more books I haven't read doesn't get a lot of play. But, getting back to the news, my birthday is coming up in April, and if someone wanted to gift me The Love Dare for the Kindle as a birthday gift, I promise you'll have a review. I might even blog about going through the book, complete with me waving a baseball bat at the neighbors, just like Kirk Cameron. You can find my Amazon info here. Or, if you don't have a lot of extra cash laying around to buy stuff for random bloggers who bad mouth all your favorite Christian movies, just click on our Amazon, iTunes, Netflix or Christian Cinema links. Maybe you're buying stuff anyway; this won't cost you anything, and I pledge, on behalf of Don, who actually gets the money, to use the next $9 we get to buy The Love Dare on the Kindle. Until then, enjoy these two sets of funny pictures.

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Tiredofsteam said...

the pictures won't enlarge.

also, please spell check.

also, it'll take some big purchases to come up with $9 extra bucks from amazon. my mom is the only one who uses that link for the occasional dvd. Thanks mom!