Monday, March 2, 2009

SuperCandid Classic: Episode One (1) - Facing the Giants

This is a re-posting of our original episode, originally posted on 5 March 2007. You can listen by clicking the direct download link , or with this iTunes link. -jon The first episode of the SuperCandid Podcast, discussion of Christian movies, music and other media from a pair of Christians who are sick and tired of bad Christian movies, music and other media. This week's movie: Facing the Giants. It is a football movie that was produced for only $98,000 by a church in Georgia, and it has a huge DVD release by Sony Pictures, but is it any good? Or is it yet another Christian movie that will insult not only your intelligence but your faith? Tune in to find out what our reviewers thought, as well as the latest Christian music and movie news, highlighting artists and films that might be overlooked if you only browse the most popular Christian releases. SHOW NOTES: Intro music - "Focus" by John Reuben from 'Word of Mouth This week's featured film - Facing the Giants homepage Outro Music - "Rewind" by Deas Vail from 'All the Houses Look the Same' Direct MP3 Download Subscribe to the SuperCandid Podcast, the number 1 podcast for Christian movies SuperCandid - The SuperCandid Podcast - The SuperCandid Podcast Email us at supercandid at gmail dot com

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