Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bringing Up Bobby Trailer

I have some other posts that I've been working on, but I felt like I should post this, if only because the filmmaker keeps spamming me on facebook with his annoucncements.  Lucky for him, I really like this trailer! 

This is the film Bringing up Bobby, a Christian comedy about a family dealing with their parent's will.  It looks like a lot of fun, with some beautiful shots and some fun looking characters.  I hope the film has the same energy that this trailer has, and it could be a great Christian comedy.  It is unabashedly Christian, with talk of Jesus in the trailer, but that doesn't mean it will be preachy.  It looks funny, and preachy rarely equates with funny, so I'm hopeful. 

You can also hear an interview with the filmmakers on KKLA.  Look for this on DVD soon.  I can't find an announced release date, but it is available now for screenings, so I expect the DVD to hit any day. 

Bringing up Bobby from Chris Staron on Vimeo.

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