Friday, March 13, 2009

The Easter Experience & Kings - Stories from the Bible Told in New Ways

Richard Ramsey linked to an interesting looking series entitled The Easter Experience.  While I initially thought it was some kind of interactive passion play, it turns out to be a series of 6 20-minute episodes about the Passion of Jesus.  The twist is that this series frames the events as lessons for life application, not unlike the way that the Stations of the Cross puts symbolic and metaphorical meaning on the events of Jesus' Passion. This film reminds me of Son of Man, which we talked about a long time ago and I'd still like to see, as well as NBC's Kings, the modern re-telling of the book of Samuel(ironically not the book of Kings).  Kings premieres this Sunday, and I'm really looking forward to it.  Done right, The Book of Samuel could be a better family crime drama than The Sopranos, with easily twice as much violence and sex.  Lets hope they go all out, at least to hold us over until HBO produces a piece directly based on the Bible.  Plus it has Wes Studi, always awesome as a villian, as the Bible's #1 S.O.B., Joab.

(source- Richard Ramsey)
The Easter Experience Trailer

Kings Trailer

The Easter E

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