Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Love Dare Part 4

Another easy one.
I don't have the book in front of me, so I'll paraphrase today.
"At some point today, call your spouse just to ask them how their day's going. No other agenda or reason, just check on them and say hello."
Another challenge for me, since Nicole is perhaps the hardest person to get a hold of on the phone. But she did call me back(still counts! I called first) and I asked how she was doing, she said fine, I said how was work, she said all right, she asked about the dog, etc.
The accompanying text that goes along with these dares is really becoming tiresome to read. I've started skimming over it, because it is a couple of pages putting the dare into a sort of Biblical context. I'm guessing for the devotional version they just had to write 330~ more of these and that's it. It already reads like a devotional, and it even has a journal bit at the end of each day for you to record how well you did on the dare.
Nicole is also starting to badger me about what the dare of the day is. I told her she has to wait for these blog entries, but she keeps pestering me. It gets worse if I tell her I already did the dare for the day. I guess I'm a pretty awesome husband because yesterday she rattled off a half dozen things I did that she thought could be love dares before she got to "calling me at work." I told her I was expecting to fail because I can't recall the last time I actually got through to her when she was at work.
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