Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Love Dare Part 6

I got a comment on a previous post mentioning It is a site by the publishers of the book for people to share stories about The Love Dare, and to promote the book. There are even Love Dare iPhone apps! Who knew?(check them out on The Love Dare: 40 Dares )
The best part: If you're really cheap and don't care about the long sections of explanatory text the preface each dare, you can access the dares for free on their site.
Day 6's dare:
"Choose today to react to tough circumstances in your marriage in loving ways instead of with irritation. Begin by making a list below of areas where you need to add margin to your schedule. Then list any wrong motivations that you need to release from your life."
So, I read this whole chapter and I'm still a bit confused by their use of the word "margin." I think they mean where I need to put space so that I don't become irritated. The preface to the dare talks about different things that cause us to become irritated, mainly pride, greed, lust. Vanity, sloth, gluttony, and rage didn't make the cut I guess. I think what they're really getting at is what is in in your own life that makes you feel insecure and causes you to lash out at your spouse. I didn't do too well at not being irritated, since I started off the day getting really irritated at Nicole for running late and disrupting my own morning routine. The rest of the day I think I did ok, and we had a nice evening walk with the dog.
My list, which I'm limiting at 5 things because it could go on forever I suppose:
Concern over stability of income
Frustration at myself when I procrastinate
Planned or scheduled events being disrupted by unexpected happenings
My Family
Being overwhelmed by lots of things that I think need to be done right away
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